My name is Wannes Vermeulen and I'm a graduated Deviner.
I currently create interactive applications for advertising agency mortierbrigade.

I'm passionate about new technologies and user experience, and eager to learn new stuff! I strive for perfection and love to see code come to life!

Got something to ask or tell? send me an e-mail!


March 2015 view this project

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September 2012

The new headline of the newspaper "De Standaard" is now "Expect the Unexpected". We made an interactive version of the TV Ad.

It will load-in your Facebook friends, your current location and breakfast pictures off of Instagram. It also includes recent articles and the latest covers of De Standaard, the De Standaard Magazine and the De Standaard Weekblad. All this content is integrated through animated pop-ups.


May 2012 view this project

An interactive website we I worked on during my internship at mortierbrigade.

Discover what your Facebook page will look like on 1 January 2013 Just as the Mayans predicted, the end of days has come. 2012book is a social network for the survivors of the Apocalypse. Look at what your Facebook timeline looks like after 21 December 2012 and check whether you still have any friends left. Maybe you can still save a few ...

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December 2011 view this project

This is the result of a school project i made for "New Media Development" in my 3rd year Digital Design and Media at Howest.

I used two servo motors attached to the original remote control of the car to adjust speed and steering. These are controlled by an Arduino Uno, which gets the accelerometer data from the iPad through a socket server on my laptop. I also fitted my old Android smartphone to the car, which uses an IPCam app to stream the video to the iPad. The "camera", the iPad and the laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share their data.

This is my first Arduino project, which uses the Firmata code, ArduinoConnector Native Extension, AirServer and Adobe Air. The car is fitted with an optional faster engine. This, as you can see, results in an extreme amount of wheelspin ;)

fv1.png fv2.png

August 2011

This is the branding I made for my dad. He's a woodworker, and I tried to put a handcrafted feeling into the design. I created a logo, business cards, an invoice layout and a website.

Because all new customers are brought in by happy customers, the website isn't intended to attract new ones. I focussed on new customers who need something, but don't know what they want and how it has to look. The website is a showcase of different types of projects.

I created my very first jQuery plug-in for this project, which powers the keyboard navigation and the scroll snapping.


June 2011

MyMachine is a project brings children's dream machines to life! They make a drawing, which is developed by Product Development students and built by students of a technical school.

We had to build a web tool, which lets the "designer", "developer" and the "builder" work together to get feedback from each other. We put the focus on the children, and used the robot as a character that guides them through the application.

I created this with three other students:

  • Yannick Van der Goten
  • Mathias De Ridder
  • Wietse De Ridder

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April 2011 view this project

This are the intro titles i created for a fictional television series. We had to use old mugshots and place them in 2.5D.

src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/24691698?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="670" height="377"

May 2011

CARET, a research department of the University of Cambridge asked us to digitalize their huge library full of books and manuscripts. We had to create a clickable mockup that gives the customer an impression on how it is going to work.

We wanted to implement an advanced search tool. You can filter with tags and types of documents, and narrow your search down to certain collections and periods in time.

Interests or works you need can be saved in your bookmarks bar. We also implemented a full-screen detail mode to view pages of works.

I created this with two other students:

  • Yannick Van der Goten
  • Pieter Delbeke

December 2010

"De Helaasheid der Dingen", the film I had to choose when we got an assignment to create a mockup of a trailer website! I tried to combine the tragedy and humor of the film and put it in a flash website. Small fragments are shown when navigating between the pages. The snapshot you see below is the beginning of the contest page, where you have to drink faster than one of the film characters.

December 2010

"Invent a service that doesn't exist and sell it on a website!" Alright! You don't play football very well, but want to impress your friends? Easy! Get an appointment through our website and you will be the next Pele*! * for a limited time, depending on your price plan.

June 2010

Rotterdam, a city with lots of modern architecture, and the perfect location for a fictional multimedia event in a city of choice!

October 2010

"Visualize three aspects of your personality in a shoe." I picked three negative ones!

May 2010

We arrived in our classroom, ready to get a new assignment! The tables were full of unknown food products. We had to create a promo website for one of these products, and I picked sunflower crackers with a strawberry filling!